Analisis Proses Perekrutan PPPK Daerah di Kantor Badan Kepegawaian Dan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia Kota Gunungsitoli

  • Ribka Ratna Sari Zendrato Universitas Nias
  • Meiman Hidayat Waruwu Universitas Nias
  • Syah Abadi Mendrofa Universitas Nias
  • Perlindungan Faebuadodo Hulu Universitas Nias
Keywords: PPPK Recruitment Process


The aim of this research is to find out how the Regional PPPK recruitment process is at the BKPSDM Gunungsitoli City Office and what are the obstacles in recruiting Regional PPPK at the Gunungsitoli City BKPSDM Office. This research uses qualitative research with observation and interview data collection methods. From the results of research from informants, the PPPK recruitment process for Gunungsitoli City involves several main stages which include planning, needs analysis, transparency, equality, registration process, acceptance process, and use of technology. In this research, several obstacles were also found, namely, technical obstacles, difficulties for prospective employees, and the reach of information. So researchers provide suggestions from the research results to evaluate and improve technological infrastructure, especially in the SSCASN registration system network application and provide adequate technical support for prospective employees who experience technical difficulties during the registration process. Carry out a more intensive outreach campaign regarding the PPPK recruitment process, especially to prospective employees.

Author Biographies

Ribka Ratna Sari Zendrato, Universitas Nias


Meiman Hidayat Waruwu, Universitas Nias


Syah Abadi Mendrofa, Universitas Nias


Perlindungan Faebuadodo Hulu, Universitas Nias



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ZendratoR. R. S., WaruwuM. H., MendrofaS. A., & HuluP. F. (2024). Analisis Proses Perekrutan PPPK Daerah di Kantor Badan Kepegawaian Dan Pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia Kota Gunungsitoli. Jurnal Ilmiah Metansi (Manajemen Dan Akuntansi), 7(1), 175-187.